Fantasy feeder dating

Fantasy feeder dating

Fantasy feeder dating

It's long been recognised that food, feeding and eating can be very erotic. Anna had never had much luck with dating apps before.

Anna had never had much luck with dating apps before. It was no real surprise to either of them. He excelled in so many of his classes, but because gym.

Create a profile, upload pics and videos and show what you've got! "Aren't I fat enough already?" - he said, gazing down at his body. To celebrate, Anna downloaded a dating app and set up a profile with her new body on display. 'Another 2lbs and I've done it!' beamed Anna. Fattening is just one step further and for fantasy feeder dating many people it's extremely arousing. More want to get fatter? He was picked on, teased, and even beat up because he was different. 'Yeah, I can sort of tell it's not your thing.

She was beautiful in her own sort of way, regular height and well proportioned, but she had always carried. Some prefer to keep it to fantasy while others are fattening up for real. About a fortnight later, Anna stood on her scales at home.

The sad part is, he had been convinced through years of torment throughout his High School (and even Grade School) that he was FAT. 'So as soon as you get yourself a proper boyfriend, you won't be coming here every morning at 6am?' Zac chuckled.

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More lesbian, gay, bi or transexual? About the same age as Anna, tall, blonde with a short, fashionable haircut and the most perfect, slim, toned body Anna had ever seen; whilst his stomach was flat, his pecs bulged out, making it difficult for Anna to concentrate, but ensuring that she never.

We're feeders and feedees obsessed with over endulging our huge bellies and fat bottoms, and we're here to share stories, play online games and encourage each other to gain weight. 'Hey Anna!' Zac shouted, giving her sda dating site a high five.

Anna opened the message and gasped with shock to see Zac's beautiful face staring back at her. 'Oh no!' Anna shot back. Both of them were always the first in in the morning and it was usually Anna's favourite part of the day, watching the hot stud strut about and occasionally chatting to him. Losing weight had been tough; a completely miserable experience of trying to continue working out when all she wanted to do was throw up; eating salads when she could see her friends tucking in to something delicious and then getting up early every morning before. It was the first time Zac seemed genuinely interested.

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It'll be free dating sites for professionals over 40 nice to eat some proper food again once I'm matchmaking christmas maintaining my weight.'. When she first saw him, he wasn't fat.

Here at Fantasy dating spouse after separation gay girl dating straight girl Feeder we either want to be fat or we want to fatten. Anna didn't care what his kink was, she'd do any exploring with him that he wanted!

Your size will definitely be appreciated here whether you're male or female. When she first met him, he was 20 and about 200 pounds, but at six feet tall, it didn't show very much. (No, I am serious, WHO?!). You may wish to hang out in our dedicated groups or forums, or join the more general discussions.

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