Dating stanley bedrock planes

Dating stanley bedrock planes

Dating stanley bedrock planes

This, in the dating a guy three years younger than me author's opinion, is due to the hype found within some books and articles. The frog itself only differs from the conventional Bailey design in that its bottom is flat and fully machined.

Has 2 patent dates April.2 95 and April. On July 3, 1906, John Shaw received a patent for frog adjustment without having to remove the lever cap and iron assembly.

95" has been milled out at the factory. 603 weighing 1/4 lb more than the Bailey. No milled out space below "patd. 1925 onward, " stanley " is all that appears.

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This innovation was soon 'copied' by Edmund Schade, who came up with another way to accomplish the same function, on March 14, 1911. Other than the stuff I list above, there are some other telltale ways to date your Bed Rocks.

Japanning is dating stanley bedrock planes at about. 4A 4B 4C type.

Start prev next END home Copyright (c) by Patrick. The key difference between the two designs is found in the way the frog mates with the bottom casting. Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept. 1943 - All features of type., except. #602 Smooth plane, 7"L, 1 5/8"W, 2 1/4lbs.

The blade will need replacing after another few. Irons have T. Anomalies AND other puzzles Bed Rocks that do not fit within the foregoing sequence and evolution of the series add interest to this and future studies. However, there is a premium paid to acquire any of the planes when buying from dealers.

The series was a dud when compared to the numbers of Bailey planes sold, and it did have its bright spots, but it, like so many other attempts to build a better mousetrap, also went belly-up after some 40 years of production. Space below patd APR.

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Various types with plain, un-marked lever plenty of fish forums sex and dating caps; likely owner replaced. 1942 - All features of type., except. The frog plenty of fish forums sex and dating and the Bottom are so perfectly fitted together, that fantasy feeder dating from the Plane Iron to the Bottom, the Plane is as one solid piece of metal.

A Stanley Bedrock 605C hand plane. 8A Knob receivers detail: Left - Types 5-7; Right - Types 8 and later type. There's a lot of stuff going on below the frog of the later Bed Rocks, and it's very apparent on this, the smallest planes of the series, when you try to jam a screwdriver down there to screw around with the frog.

Stanley never offered a corrugated version of this plane in their catalogs. When the frog is in the position desired, tighten the frog screws and replace the cutter and lever. They first appeared in Stanley catalogs in 1900, but there is some evidence they may have begun manufacture as early as 1898. References I recently obtained an original copy of a 1923 Stanley promotional pamphlet which illustrates and describes the Bed Rock Planes in production at that time. . 605 1/2C /4 15 6 lb 8.

The plane is in excellent condition. Lever caps now marked "D rock.".

Bed castings are heavier and thicker. At the same time the new frog securing screws were added, the bottom casting itself underwent a change in appearance. These planes can suffer the same general damage that the Baileys can, and for a description of that damage, refer to the #3 of the Bailey series.

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