Dating columbia 78 rpm records

Dating columbia 78 rpm records

Dating columbia 78 rpm records

80mm 32mm 32mm 70mm, canada no ring no ring 32mm, no Records, on the contrary, Canadian Columbia records show a 32 mm ring from 1928 to the end in 1931. This dating columbia 78 rpm records record was almost certainly pressed in Germany; so why does it not say Österreich in the wax? This side was recorded 17th November 1932.

Columbia and Victor during the first few decades of the 20th century, they held a virtual duopoly over recorded music. Gramophone/HMV did not make double-sided discs under their own name until 1912, long after double sided ones had become commonplace. Now I hear you say, this number does have a suffix a small letter. The next two examples are the green ethnic label, one is a Welsh Folk record and the other Italian (black lettering). .

The first letter was A, B and C to indicate the size of the HMV record. And so it went on as more people were involved. It would be very odd indeed to find handwriting in relief on an old 78 rpm record though there probably are instances of it; anything goes is a rule of thumb for looking at old 78s! This used letters instead of numbers, and they derived a simple code from the company name: gramophone Company LTD.

Columbia - 78 RPM - Label Discography. Figures 12 and 13 illustrate such American Harmony records; each has an indented ring. The first character, the number "2 is the take number. Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see. .

We will discuss each in turn. And their master series, at this time, was in the S-74000s. Needless to say, we cant be sure whether the pitch is correct. Her career encompassed pantomime in Glasgow in 1927/8, minor parts in several films between 19, and she was also in the stage production of The Music Man in 1961/2. The American Ragtime Octette (the feminine form quartette, quintette was the normal usage at that time) was a visiting American male vocal group which enjoyed great popularity on their arrival here. Still, catalogue numbers, however fascinating they are, are not particularly what this page is about.

78 rpm Record Labels - Columbia

Still, I remain a Lily Lapidus fan! The second letter was the master series itself. Brian also referred to the Canadian Columbia records that were pressed by Spartan in London, Ontario, beginning in 1940.

Because marriage not dating download mp4 of patents held by both. Still, there is one more number, at 9 oclock in the wax.

40624 is the catalogue number of an OKeh record, a famous.S. You have to carefully stamp it with little dies. The above record's wax: Stamper Present - Oops! But discs were pressed from two different sides, which may not even have the same master series.g. Here is such a 10inch disc: In this case, just the catalogue number is on the label. The catalogue numbering system of the Gramophone Company was exceedingly complicated, so I am glad this page is not really about catalogue numbers, just the other numbers on 78s.

Columbia 78 RPM - Label Discography - USA - 78 RPM

We dont have to dating bone fractures go polyamory dating a couple into this much, which is great, because they are hard to understand; or at least hard for me to understand.

Columbia is an important player in the history of recorded music, having been in the business of making phonographs and records since 1887. If this first online dating arranged marriage stamper wore out, then another would have been made, and the discs pressed from it would bear the letter R at 3 oclock. While this is not new it was not common until now. . The first of these Gramophone stamper letters were relatively large.

The labels of most Canadian Harmony records read "Manufactured. Please note: This discography does not include single Col. By dating bone fractures the way, you can listen to this record by clicking here. If you do, please let us know and we will update, giving you full credit!

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